Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Questions of Power

In less than four months, it will be the start of another hurricane season. Being without power is not fun. There's a local store that has some items that I think would be great. However, I haven't had any experience with them and am asking for your input.

One is a jump-start/air compressor/power supply that can provide up to 50 hours of power to 12v DC appliances. It also has 400 crank amps/900 peak amps. Can this run a full-size refrigerator? Even if it can't run a full-size refrigerator, I'm still considering getting one just in case of flat tires. After Katrina, it was 9 days before I could have a tire replaced. The only car repair store open before than was only repairing emergency vehicles.

Another is LED solar powered security lights. They have a motion range detection of 120 degrees at 16 feet. Has anyone had any experience with them? These seem like they would be a great thing to have after any natural disaster in providing security.

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