Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Strength of a Nation

The United States is unique. We somehow are able to weave the 300 million individual opinions that exist and still strive to work together. Sometimes we have arguments that can be very contentious. I know I've been very outspoken about my views on Sarah Palin. Some of my readers, many I consider friends, may have been bewildered at the direction I've been gone these last few weeks. I'm hoping the Republican Party can once again the Big Tent it used to be and no longer consider some parts of America to be 'real' and by that implication, other parts not 'real'.

Our greatest strength has always been us. Some examples:

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Crossing the Rubicon



Seraphic Press

Volokh Conspiracy

Confederate Yankee

Likelihood of Success
Here's to the real America: All of us!!

Update: I'll be adding other links as the day goes by.


Daisy Cuter

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Jack said...

Nice post. I agree with your sentiments.