Thursday, November 13, 2008



Main Entry:
\ˈmȯr-ə-(ˌ)bənd, ˈmär-\
Latin moribundus, from mori to die — more at murder
circa 1721
1 : being in the state of dying : approaching death
2 : being in a state of inactivity or obsolescence
— mor·i·bun·di·ty \ˌmȯr-ə-ˈbən-də-tē, ˌmär-\ noun

The Republican party had a very good chance of changing with the selection of McCain as its presidential nominee. But he blew it with his choice of Palin as his running mate. His campaign became farce with Joe the Plumber. Instead of explaining his economic policy, McCain let an unknown plumber declare that Obama's tax plan sounded like Socialism/Marxism. Instead of explaining his policies, McCain and Palin both tried to use the tactics of fear. Between Palin's "little pockets of 'real' America" and a McCain adviser calling northern Virginia 'fake', a lot of voters, including me, were put off by the divisiveness.

With the selection of Palin, McCain experieinced a bump in poll figures. Yet as more people began to listen to Palin and learn about her, many began to question McCain and his leadership abilities. Many prominent Republicans such as Colin Powell openly endorsed Obama. Today, there are some calling for Operation Leper in order to purge the Republican party of those who don't support Palin. Talk about a cult following.

Obama moved the Democrats toward the center. McCain and Palin have moved the Republicans further right. Obama campaigned on hope and change. The Republicans could only offer the same worn-out tactics of fear and divisiveness.

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