Thursday, May 1, 2008

There's One in Every Crowd

A few days ago, I posted about trying to survive gas prices. For me, driving 55mph has been a success. Filling up every two weeks instead of once a week keeps the pocketbook free to buy food!!!

For the most part, most drivers on the interstate have been courteous. There have been only a few tailgaters. But there was one incident yesterday on my commute home that had me shaking for a good while.

Statistics show most people are involved in accidents within a 2 mile radius of their homes. I almost became one of those statistics last evening.

In the rear view mirror, I could see this psychopath barreling down on me. In the side view mirror, there was another car in the passing lane less than a car length from me. The psychopath was trying to use the right lane to pass the car in the passing lane. This guy had to be going over 80. He did not slow down at all. I could see that I and the other car in the passing lane were about to be wiped out. I had to go into the breakdown lane to avoid having his car rammed into the back of mine.

When I was able to pull back onto the interstate, I watched as the psychopath caused havoc further up. In less than a minute this one psychopath could have caused death and injury to many. Sadly, I've seen drivers like him before and the wonder is that there aren't more accidents.

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