Friday, May 2, 2008

Shabbat Shilissel

Muqata posted aboutShabbat Shlissel in which Challah is either shaped like a key or a key is baked into it. The first Shabbat after Pesach is a reminder to open our hearts to Torah and guides us to Shavuot.

During the Shabbat Ma'ariv, after ahavati, we sometimes add the following:

Torah is a closed book
until it is read with an open heart.

House of Israel, great and small,
open your hearts to the words of Torah.

Torah is demanding,
yet sweeter than honey, more precious than gold.

House of Israel, young and old,
open yourselves, heart and soul, to its treasures.

Torah sanctifies life,
it teaches us how to be human and holy.

House of Israel, near and far,
cherish the etrnal signs of HaShem's love.

Torah is given each day,
each day we can choose to reject or accept it.

House of Israel, now as at Sinai,
choose to accept and be blessed by its teachings.

Shabbat Shalom!