Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Justice for All?

This family was lucky. They could afford to pay close to a million dollars to prove their innocence.

Why would police produce false reports when they know the entire incident was recorded? "I really don't know," Nick says. "I guess they figured they're cops, so what the hell is going to happen to them? And you know what? They're right. They've gotten away with it."

What happens to those who can't afford a good defense? Shouldn't police officers, prosecutors, and judges who manufacture evidence, cover-up evidence be prosecuted or punished in some way?


Anonymous said...

See it is like this, some criminals need a harsh sentence. Clemons' the person who assissingnated the four cops in Washington Friday wrote a letter telling Mike Hucabee he was a changed person. Hucabee commuted the sentence and Mr. Clemons' was so greateful and a change person that before he killed the cops, he raped a 15 year old. Thank goodness that a cop shot Mr. Clemons', society will be so much better. I am sure the ACLU is upset with the cop who killed Mr. Clemnos' that he ACLU will file a lawsuit against the cop.

shira said...

Huckabee made a bad mistake. There's no denying it. The guy never should have been pardoned.

But for every Clemmons, there are thousands who have been denied basic justice. In Arizona, a cop thought it was his duty to swipe a defense attorney's file. That's so blatantly wrong. So is a man serving a lifetime sentence for a $12.50 check because it was his third offense.

Or about Texas who just executed a man and evidence was found that he didn't murder his family. The prosecutor, the governor, the parole board all said it didn't matter if he was innocent. That's murder by the state!!

These wrongs need to be addressed. The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7, and 8th Amendments protect our rights against unfair prosecution. Sadly, those rights have been eroded by Reagan's War on Drugs and Bush's War on Terror.

Those rights may seem to be merely for those we consider to be criminals but they protect all of us.

The couple in my post had police officers lie about what happened. This couple could afford to fight the charges. There are too many who can't.