Monday, August 3, 2009


There are some great leaders in our country's history. Thomas Jefferson had great vision when he made the Louisiana Purchase. Abraham Lincoln had the vision of keeping the country united as well as abolishing inhumane slavery. Theodore Roosevelt had the great vision of preserving wild and undeveloped areas for future generations and our national park system was created.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had the vision of helping those affected by the Great Depression and many social programs were put in place. These programs helped people from starving to death and helped create jobs. He served a record four terms of office and led our country out of the depression and through World War II.

Dwight Eisenhower saw the need for a road system in which our military could travel the vast distances of our country without being bogged down. Thus, the interstate systems was created.

John F. Kennedy had the vision of us going to the moon. He set our country on a path of technological discovery has not been reviled. Because of his vision, the US developed computers, cell phones, ceramics that are used in our vehicles, satellite phones, and so many other modern conveniences we take for granted today.

Even one of the presidents I despise most, Jimmy Carter was a visionary. He saw the need for us to develop forms of transportation and power needs that were not so dependent on foreign oil.

The Federal government had to borrow money for these visions of America's future to proceed. In fact, the American Revolution was fought on heavily borrowed money from France and other European countries. Some funds were borrowed from individuals.

Some of the Founders were dismayed about all the borrowing but it was a tradition most of the Founders from Southern states were used too. Jefferson and other Southern leaders had vast personal debts.

What these visionaries understood was that these plans for the future cost money. In many cases taxes were raised and our country was heavily in debt. At one point after the American Revolution, it seemed that our country would be swallowed up by the weight of the debt. But one thing these visionaries had in addition to the country's future growth was courage. As did the people they led.

Now, our country seems to be filled with those that are so fearful, they are willing to give up their rights and sadly, not have any visions for the growth of our country. We've seen what Reagan's trickle down economics have led to: More and more people having to use credit cards for basic needs such as food, jobs flying oversees, less deregulation leading to higher bills on electricity, telephones, etc. and most alarmingly, a shrinking middle class.

George W. Bush's economic policy exacerbated the problem. Further deregulation has led to massive bailouts on Wall Street and the current recession.

Our country is at a crossroads now. Millions of jobs lost have to be replaced. Our country needs to face a new way of getting from here to there as the price of fuel goes. And as President Obama has proposed, we can create jobs in an effort to make our country less dependent on foreign oil. We can overhaul our medical system ins which premiums continue to rise while at the same time, we have less coverage.

Is this going to take money and debt? Yes. I believe in our country and I believe that working together toward our future can help everyone. We just have to have the same courage shown during other great times of vision.


shira0607 said...

Blogger won't let me change my misspelled word. Reviled should rivaled!

Sarah said...

People have to start being less selfish and then things will change. Universal health care isn't exactly free. Right now I don't have coverage if I needed medication, new glasses or dental visits but at least I can go to the doctor whenever I want. And I don't have to wait very long either. There's still going to be insurance companies, etc and it does pay off to be insured. I don't understand how some Republicans say the elderly should drop dead of they accept new changes for health care. My grandma will be 91 this October 1 and she get's great coverage from my government and she's still alive.
There's just too many greedy people in America. They are so stuck with their views that they don't see the benefits of having this new health care. Then they say the costs will be too high but that's only because they are getting paid way too much anyways. Services, etc are overpriced. I hope that the American government would look to Canada as a good example and we aren't some bad Socialists either.
There are too many overly rich people and it's the middle class that is slowly dying out and becoming lower class. Credit cards are given out so much now and does that "money" even exist.
There's just so many problems and not enough people that are courageous to fix them.
I hope Obama can help fix these problems with the government help. If everyone will stop arguing then things will be fixed.

(My comment was too long!)

shira said...

It wasn't too long Sarah. I wish more Canadians would speak up about how great their health care system is.