Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Saturday will mark the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I've been thinking about the things I was doing and the feelings I had while we watching the weather reports.

BK (before Katrina), hurricanes to me were a source of fascination and wonder. They still are but now it is tempered by the knowledge of the great destructive powers hurricanes can hold.

If I remember correctly, I had my son mow the grass and at work, I started planning the times I would begin making computer backups.

I remember going out to take photos after work and there was this sense of urgency to take photos of everything along the beach front. It was an urgency I didn't heed.

Who could imagine everything being wiped away?

I remember the dreams I had before Katrina hit. Nightmares really of a red sky and howling winds. Having been through Frederick, Georges, and other hurricanes that came at night, I knew the skies are usually very dark with an eery glow. The glow seems to speak of the awesome power of the hurricane.

Little did I know the awesome power Hurricane Katrina was set to unleash upon the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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