Thursday, March 27, 2008

Question Answered

During the excursion of Israel into Lebanon in 2006, I was over at my Mom's and we were watching the news. She asked why were the news media so biased against Israel. At the time, I could only offer an example of the bias of the BBC.

Now, comes a press release from an organization that should support objective news: International Federation of Journalists.

While the press release seeks to stop the Palestinian Authority and Hamas from intimidating reporters in the West Bank and Gaza, the choice of the following words make me wonder how objective reporters really are when reporting on Israel:

“This intimidation and political bullying of journalists does great damage to the Palestinian cause,” said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. “It undermines efforts of journalists throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip to work together to build a unified media movement in favour of stability and democratic development.”

Why should a journalist group be concerned about the harm done to the "Palestinian cause"? And why should a group work for a "unified media movement"? Shouldn't the news be less concerned with unification and more concerned with reporting: who, what, when, where, and why? The thing is, the bias against Israel usually doesn't report the why of Israel's actions or news reports tend to downplay the terrorist actions that prompt Israel to defend her people.

The post at Israellycool doesn't point out the some of the flagrant ways the words chosen by journalists harm and demonize Israel. Also, little is reported on the ongoing terrorist activities by Israel's supposed 'peace partners'. The Palestinians are now claiming Israel is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The sad thing is, people who are being brutalized and murdered by tyrannical governments around the world are being ignored because of all the focus on Israel and the Palestinians. The real genocide in places such as Darfur is ignored. Buddhists monks in Burma and now Tibet are struggling to have their stories told. The UN Human Rights Commission condemns Israel while ignoring the brutal tactics of Chavez and Mugabe. Food aid meant for the starving in Africa is shanghaied by those with the most guns and the people is meant for continue to starve.

The cronies of Kim Jong are now beginning to face the food shortages the rest of North Korea has faced for decades. Political and religious prisoners languish in jails across the Middle East. Women are still second class citizens in many parts of the world. Little more than slaves and yet, all the focus is one tiny country in which the rights of women and all religious denominations are respected: Israel. And less people have died in 60 years of conflict in Israel than have died in one week in the Congo.

Dennis Prager asks Why Do Palestinians Get Much More Attention Than Tibetans?

Why is the only Jewish state in the world the focus of so much vilification and outright hatred? That is a question that has plagued mankind for around 2,000 years.

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Trias said...

It's probably all about focus. You seem to feel all the focus is on Israel and Palestine but it's not true.

But it makes sense you and the people of Israel will feel that way because it's important to you and you are ever looking for it.

THE UN, however, you have a fair point with. Really all they do is tut tut no matter who does what and they do seem to go on about Israel too much.