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Main Entry: en·abler
Pronunciation: \i-ˈnā-blər, -bəl-ər\
Function: noun
Date: 1615
: one that enables another to achieve an end; especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior

I really do not understand the enablers of terrorists such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and so many others. They seem to be justifying all acts of terror while downplaying the murderous intent of terrorists. Even after 9-11, many asked the question: Why do they hate us? These enablers try to alloy the blame of the murderers by saying it is US policy that led to the deaths of close to 3,000 innocent people who were just at work. I witnessed the same on a show about women on death row.

One of the women had tortured, raped, and murdered an 8 year old girl. Her defenders say the women had suffered the same type of abuse throughout her life. While one can have compassion for the abuse the women suffered as a child, it does not excuse her murder of an 8 year old.

The attempt for justification for murder can also be seen in the movie To Die in Jerusalem. I will not mention the vile murderer but will mention the young woman whose life was cut short: Rachel Levy.

Gila is a survivor of another suicide bomber. Just read her blog My Shrapnel. She has posted about this vile movie which serves no purpose but to allow the enabling of future murders.

Enabler is usually a term that is associated with those who help alcoholics, drug users, and others to continue their self-destructive behaviors. It can also be used for what I see going on today. Israel is widely condemned for any acts she takes to defend her citizens. By comparison, we are asked to try to understand the vile acts of terrorism by Palestinians. We are told that Israel's might is so much greater that the stone-throwing, the Kassams, the Molotov cocktails, the shootings, the stabbings, and the suicide bombings are just a 'natural response' to the supposed injustices Israel commits.

Herein lies the problem: Israel is supposed to just take her citizens in Sderot being bombarded with a daily barrage of Kassams. Israel is supposed to open her check-points even though the check-points have stopped numerous suicide bombers. Israel is condemned for a passive fence that has greatly reduced the number of suicide bombings. Israel is condemned if power is cut-off to Gaza. Never mind that it is from Gaza the rockets are launched. Israel is condemned for so-called 'collectively punishing' those in Gaza while little is said of the collective punishment Palestinian terrorists enacts on Israelis. Below, sums it up:

My parents attended a lecture in Jerusalem the other day. The speaker (not surprisingly) touched on the current 'situation'. At one point a woman in the audience stood up and said [I'm paraphrasing from my recollection of what my father related]; "Hamas has publicly asked Israel for a cease fire... so why hasn't Israel accepted? Do we want peace or do we want to keep on fighting?" Several people tried to shout her down but the speaker held up his hands and said that he wanted to respond. He said, "First of all, there are several words for 'peace' in Arabic... but Hamas isn't using any of them. What they are asking for is a temporary cessation of hostilities which is entirely in their interest and doesn't serve Israel's interests in the slightest. I think I speak for the government of Israel when I say that the instant Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel there will be an immediate cease fire." This is fairly obvious to me... so why doesn't anyone outside of Israel seem to understand this???

The rhetoric against Israel is so one-sided, it enables the terrorists to continue their deadly goals. Time and again Israel is singled out and we are to think of the Palestinians as a sort of later day David against Goliath. But why such singular emphasis on Israel? Why is there not a call for the Palestinian terrorists to stop their murderous attacks? Why were there so many people who willingly sided with terrorists by holding up signs that said "We Are Hezbollah" when Israel went into Lebanon? Why do so many churches call for divestment in Israel? Why so many calls for Israel to be boycotted?

Solomonia has provided links which I find very helpful. An excerpt below:

In their various activisms, Christian groups have often spoken for Judaism in a way that is troubling. These have asserted principals of Judaism to advance their anti-Israel case, have offered their own quirky interpretations of ‘what Judaism teaches’ or emphasizes, or have latched onto fringe groups that supported their chosen viewpoints as if these were representative of Judaism.

For example, Christian groups have continually asserted that Jewish claims to land are null and void, but that Jewish covenant obligations remain in force. In cases they have posited an idyllic view of Jews living in the Diaspora as modeling “community life not dependent on violence to sustain it. . . [They] ‘were able to maintain identity without turf or sword, community without sovereignty. They thereby demonstrated pragmatically the viability of the ethic of Jeremiah and Jesus.’” [As an observer, I must say, I’d be surprised if many Jews in the Diaspora would be particularly pleased to be credited with demonstrating the ethic of Jesus … and I’m certain most of the people who experienced this life as a minority population subject to humiliating laws and officially sanctioned persecution would not take the suggestion well that this was God’s eternal purpose for them.]

Solomonia has another post called Enablers of Murder. An excerpt:

...According to Israeli spokesman David Baker, "We have over 200,000 Israelis in range of Palestinian rockets. We cannot allow this to go on. These rocket attacks on Israelis are sheer terror, designed to kill or maim as many Israelis as possible." If the attacks do not stop, then by no stretch of the imagination can the Palestinian people be considered ready for peace or even seriously interested in it.

The only way they will stop is if the world finally stops giving the Palestinians a free pass and calls the Palestinian game for what it is. There would be no Israeli strikes if there were no Palestinian aggression. The Palestinians cannot whine about the peace process while continuing to shell Israeli civilians on a daily basis. Yet the world indulges them. So many people believe the myth that the Palestinians are victims, that they are underdogs, that they have no incentive to change their behavior or take any responsibility for their actions. Why should they, when every UN resolution favors their cause, when only Israel and the increasingly isolated United States dare to criticize them openly? When even in the United States many on the political left raise the Palestinian banner?

In order for there to be peace in Israel and for a Palestinian state to be viable: enablers must cease their actions. Justifying attempted and successful acts of murder will not bring peace. It will only embolden the murderers.


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