Monday, December 19, 2011


Over 235 years ago, a group of liberated thinkers got together and created something unique: the United States of America. Today, a lot of politicians running as Republicans and as members of the TEA Party seem bent on changing the very things that make the United States so unique. Gingrich, for now, the leader in the Republican race for president has openly stated that we should ignore those decisions of Federal courts we do not agree with. He rationale is the very stuff of tyrants and strikes me as being openly un-American.

Pictures are worth thousands of words:


Anonymous said...

You are an incredibly sick person and need help! As a child of Holocaust survivors I an only say, May Hashem grant you a refuah, mamash now! Self-hating Jews like you are the reason we have a MUSLIM in the White House who hates you, me and Israel. Boker Tov dear.

shira0607 said...

I'm not a self-hating Jew. Have you read history? Do you know how Hitler got his start? It was by advocating ideas that are very similar to what Gingrich and other Republican candidates are purposing. I posted this after he said he would put judges in jail who didn't agree with him!!!

Anonymous said...

The US Administration refuses to meet Israel's Foreign Minister...but not with terrorists and dictators.
Posted by Jameel @ The Muqata at 1/18/2012 11:10:00 AM
"I said early in this campaign I would meet not just with our friends, but with our enemies. Not just with those we like, but those that we don't...Senator Clinton said, 'oh no, that'd be naive, that'd be irresponsible.' I said, 'remember what John F. Kennedy said, he said 'you should never negotiate out of fear, but you should never fear to negotiate.'" --Barack Obama, Florence, SC, Jan. 25, 2008.

President Obama is more interested for his administration to meet enemies of the USA, but refuses to allow Secretary of State to meet with Israel's Foreign Minister?

Israel Channel 2 TV reports last night:

The Americans are ignoring Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Israel's Foreign Minister is expected to make an official visit in Washington in a few weeks, yet to date no meeting or discussion has been scheduled by the American administration.

US Administration officials referred to Lieberman as a "hostile" force, and continue to refuse the offers of the Israeli foreign minister to meet him. Their excuses range from "Hillary Clinton is out of town", to more more explicit explanations.

"Lieberman is an obstacle to peace, we do not want to be photographed with him and what he stands for," said one senior American officials to Israel Channel 2 TV, in tones usually reserved for terrorist organizations.

It should be noted that the strategic dialogue is conducted with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, which required the intervention of Prime Minister because [not meeting with the Foreign Minister] was directly impacting the relationship between Israel and the US.

The Foreign Ministry said in response: "Just last week, Lieberman met with senators and talked on the phone with U.S. Secretary of State on a variety of topics. The schedule for the trip will be finalized close to the FM's departure to the United States and will be publicized to the media." (Israel Channel 2 TV)

The US Administration has a problem meeting with Israel's foreign minister.

Other formal individuals they have no problem meeting with have included:

President Obama meeting African dictator Ali Bongo who has ruthlessly plundered billions of dollars from his own country. (source)

President Obama meeting Hugo Chavez (source)

President Obama meeting Gaddafi (source)

The list is endless. It's just unfortunate that the US Administration is ignoring the huge segment of the Israeli population which elected Lieberman, while having no problem meeting with some of the world's worst vermin.

Visiting Israel?

shira said...

Why is that only Israel Channel 2 reporting this?

Anonymous said...

I don't read Pravda or Tikkun, B"H. You can find this widely available on the internet. Why do you support Israel's enemies? It won't make the Muslim like you or the Leftists. In the end you'll still be a "useful idiot" to them.

shira said...

Obama is no more an enemy of Israel than Bush was.