Friday, September 9, 2011

GOP & TEA Party: Party Before Country

I watched President Obama's speech last evening. I like it a lot because it gives more tax cuts to those who need it most: The middle class. The proposal would also pay for itself by closing tax loopholes that large corporations and billionaires currently enjoy on the backs of the middle and lower and middle classes. Some of those mega-corporations enjoy tax breaks for creating jobs. Too bad those jobs were created in China!!

Even though President Obama didn't name Grover Norquist by name, I'm glad that Obama brought up the stupid pledge some members of Congress made of not raising taxes. Too bad those same members(read GOP and TEA party) seem willing to increase the tax burden of the middle class. They bulk at raising taxes on the wealthy by 3% but seem to have no problem with raising taxes on the middle class and working poor.

Analysis has shown that President Obama's job plan would add over a million jobs in 2012.

But I doubt if the Republican and TEA Party members of Congress will pass the job bill. They put their party before country. They don't to care that the middle class and the working poor are suffering. In short, they care more about their buddies like the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, and others, than they do about our country.

GOP and TEA Party prove that you care more about our country than the party you belong to and help pass President Obama's sensible job plan.


Anonymous said...

Quit drinking the koolade. Obama is a Mulim, by sharia law. He is the most anti-Israel president in history. HIs help for the middle class is a joke. As a business owner, we are not hiring as a result of the indecipherable ObamaCare. We don't know the implications and we can't risk the financial hit and stay in business. Do you actually know anyone active in the Tea Party. I'm sure you don't! At the Tea Parties you don't have rape, drugs, fecal material, robbery, and assault. Grow up!

shira0607 said...

Obama is not a Muslim. It shows how much koolaide you've drunk if you believe that. And I do know several people in the TEA party and we have very animated discussions.

ObamaCare will benefit many people. Many are beginning to see them.

And Nixon was the most anti-Israel president ever. Just read how he withheld help during the Yom Kippur war if you don't believe me.

You need to grow up, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Ok. You are definitely in high school. Hello??? Obama is Muslim under sharia law. His Islamic creds are determined by patrilineal descent. Judaism is determined by the mother being a (real) Jew or an orthodox conversion. I know you're not actually Jewish (Erev Rav perhaps?) All of Obama's fathers were Muslims. Case closed. He can deny it all he wants, but the Islamists know him to be one of them.

BTW, who cares about Nixon? How can you defend the way O treated Bibi, told Jews they can't build in East Jlem, called for a return to "67 borders? That's just for starters? His entire staff is filled with self-hating Jews and Israel haters. You keep bad company. BTW, PLEASE tell me of some benefits we're seeing from Obamacare right now. I can't wait....

Anonymous said...

Dear Shira,

Please do tell us. Where will the money come from to pay for Obummercare? Do they teach economics or business math at your high school? If you say the 1%, you get in F in today's math lesson.

shira said...

Every president has stated exactly what Obama has said. What is the difference?

Why is it that every time a Jew disagrees with your skewed view of the world, they are either self-hating or in high school?

Can you make your point with out being insulting?

As far as ObamaCare, where are your facts?

Here's some facts from Congressional CBO:

It’s a standard item in the Republican checklist of what’s wrong with Obamacare: that advocates of the program, in computing its costs, compare six years of expenses with 10 years of revenues. Because the most important benefits don’t kick in until 2014, the health reform program has an extra four years (2010-2014) to collect money before it has to start paying out. When the first 10 years is up (government costs and revenues are usually reported over 10-year periods), and every year’s income is compared with every year’s outgo, Obamacare will turn out to cost 60 percent more than projected, Republicans say. According to the official stats of the Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare will actually reduce costs and save the government money over 10 years. Not so, say Republicans (who voted last week in the House to repeal the whole thing). The accounting is phony. The Democrats are giving themselves a four-year head start.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Politico is an arm of the Democratic Party. You're just using their talking points. My facts are that I personally run a company that employs 80 people. Do you employ anyone and pay for their health care? No.
Every president has said Israel should go back to the 67 lines. Really? When and where? Quotes please. You're actually lying.
Dear girl. I see from your blog title that you are most likely a geres. I hope it was a kosher conversion (orthodox). blessings.