Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Really

You really don't get used to it. You learn to cope and how to grieve and still carry on day to day. I still mourn all the people Katrina killed and the things that were destroyed. I have also found it awesome the number of people who came down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to help us rebuild.

We don't know how many years the oil spill will affect the Gulf of Mexico and how many years tar balls and oil will continue to wash ashore. We don't the full affects of the oil spill on the marine life.

But I can still marvel at pelicans floating in the air while the sun sets. This and the smiles on family, friends, and strangers keeps me going.

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Sarah said...

Life is precious. I find it very hard to see that places I have been and people I have known are gone or destroyed. Devastation is hard and grief is all around. Once it personally hits you then life will never be the same.