Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Third!!!!

NOAA has now closed one third of Federal Gulf of Mexico waters.

Oil has reached Petit Bois Island. The island is a barrier island about 12 miles south east of Pascagouls Mississippi.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder is launching a criminal probe.

I cannot seem to feel rage at this mess. The scope of the disaster is just too vast. I try to go to the beach everyday just so I can still it without it being oil stained. The freshness of the salty air is gone already. The sweet smell has been replaced.

I wonder what all the sea birds will do for food. I had hoped that perhaps they could make it to the shores of Florida but it seems Florida's beaches are next in line. Perhaps Texas, but again the oil seems to be spreading. Soon, it seems there will be no save haven for wildlife that call the Mississippi Gulf Coast home.

Usually when I go to the beach, once on the many piers I can watch the minnows and bait fish but there seems to be a dearth of them. I've only seen a few here and there.

No matter what figures are correct, the 20 million or the 40 million, the gallons of oil swirling around the Gulf of Mexico are hard to comprehend but as each new closer of Federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps you can get an inkling.

An entire ecosystem that spans four states is now being threatened. Birds, crabs, shrimp, fish, and mammals such as dolphins as wallowing in an oil-stained mess.

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