Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico is Bleeding

I found the following video at Gulf Oil Slick

We need tighter and more effective government regulation over these rigs. We need to make sure that the oil companies have plans that entail more than just blaming each other for what goes wrong.

In Biloxi & D'Iberville Mississippi, in Bayou LaBatre Alabama, and in places in Louisiana, there are thousands who work in seafood plants who are now out of jobs.

There is a Deepwater Horizon Response facebook page. Today, about halfway down the page, there was an update on where people who have lost their jobs can go to get help. The link goes directly to the USDA website on food stamps. There are no special programs set-up to help those directly affected by the oil-spill. There are oil spill clean-up jobs available but not enough.

On the Coast, we know that the litigation will probably drag on for decades like it did after the Exxon Valdez. Haliburton, BP, and Transocean pointed fingers at one another without anyone taking the blame. BP keeps saying it is going to pay for the clean-up and yet the talking heads keep saying, "We're not to blame".

Right now, the oil spill is impacting those who work in the seafood industry. Soon, as the oil creeps ever closer to Gulf Coast shores, the tourist industry will start seeing a major impact.

The Gulf is bleeding very badly.

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