Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Manmade Disaster

Waiting to how bad the oil spill will be is almost as bad as waiting for a hurricane to hit.

Fighting Oil with Fire.

Update: 4/30/10

Five foot waves are overtopping the protective booms. The oil now drifting into the South Pass of the Mississippi River. The oil is expected to reach the Mississippi Coast on Saturday. I'm sickened by the thought of the potential loss of wildlife. Once the oil hits the marshes, it can linger for decades.

Click for more on the efforts to contain and clean the oil spill.

Update 2 4/30/10 Mississippi Gulf Coast cities declare a state of emergency.

This is going to be bad. We were just starting to see some positive recovery from Hurricane Katrina. This oil spill will affect everything from the shrimping industry, shipbuilding, casinos, and tourism.

Update 3 4/30/10:

NOAA forecast graphic

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