Monday, December 7, 2009

LGF: Palin Palling Around With Anti-Semites

Little Green Footballs has an excerpt of Christopher Hitchens' Sarah Palin's Brand of Populism Dangerous and Deceptive.

Fred Malek was the guy in Nixon's administration who volunteered to purge the Jews from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Because the second thing to note about Malek is that he was the man who drew up a list of Jews to be fired from the civil service under the Nixon administration. I am surprised that so many people have allowed themselves to forget this—and that Palin has never been asked a single question about it. In the early 1970s, Nixon, whose White House tapes show consistent evidence of anti-Semitic paranoia, gave orders that the Bureau of Labor Statistics be purged of what he called a “Jewish cabal.” The job of drawing up the list was given to Malek, whose information led to what was called the “reassignment” of some officials within the Labor Department. Malek later tried to give a weaselly excuse for his conduct, but was caught by my Slate colleague Timothy Noah.

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