Thursday, March 19, 2009

Over Three Years in the Making

I've never posted pictures of the damage Hurricane Katrina caused to my home. Mostly because of embarrassment. Too many others lost everything. I was one of the lucky 3,000 homeowners on the Mississippi Gulf Coast who didn't file an insurance claim. The damages to the soffit and fascia would not have met the 3% deductible for hurricane claims. This week will be the last time my home looks like this. Lowe's delivered the supplies that I was able to finally budget for and my brothers will work this weekend to repair the damage.

I'm so excited!!


Mottel said...

Wow! Show us a picture when it's fixed up . . . may you, amongst all of us, continue having miracles!

shira0607 said...

Thanks! And I will.

I'm so excited for you and your kallah (is it okay to call her that now?) May you and her have blessings and a sweet life togethr.

Mottel said...

Thank you very much! Yes you may call her my Kallah, as that is what she is :-)