Friday, January 30, 2009


After World War II and even before World War II, many countries came into existence. There's Jordan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Israel, and others. Of all these countries, only the existence of Israel seems to be in danger. When Pakistan was created, millions upon millions of refugees were created. Heck, there were still millions of refugees after World War II.

Why should the existence of Israel even be questioned? Radical Islamic terrorists wreak their waves of death upon those in India because of Kashmir and yet no one questions the validity of Pakistan. Why is Israel signaled out?

In his post, David asks What's Wrong With This Statement:

In a statement marking international Holocaust Day, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht said, "Belgium continues its unwavering support for the existence of the state of Israel." ]

Read the rest of David's post and then ask yourself why statements supporting the existence of Israel have to be made.

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