Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My cats are very sweet. I have two that stay outside most of the time and one that stays in most of the time. The two outside cats like to surprise me with "gifts". Usually the "gifts" consist of birds. I give them a very stern lecture when I see the birds.

One time, they left a rabbit. I was so flabbergasted by that one; I couldn't find the words to lecture them.

When they leave field mice, I tell them good job! Same for when they leave the voles that have been tearing up my yard.

This morning, they left something very annoying and still alive: a snake! I checked the cats to make sure they were okay and they were. I think it was a king snake. I used a hoe to finish it off or so I thought. Still using the hoe, I picked it up and placed it in the garbage can. The last I saw of it, it was slithering on top of some of the garbage.

I told my son the next time he takes out the garbage to be careful.

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